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Post  Jakob on Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:38 pm

Maybe it's because I'm getting old but I think this is the best video game ever created.


Followed by this one Kennedy brought to our attention on twitter today.


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Post  rob on Fri Sep 04, 2009 8:03 am

My gaming career *Yes , began on that particularly glowing birthday when I unwrapped a big rectangular box containing the Nintendo 64. I had persistently been begging my parents for a gaming system for at least three years prior to that momentous day so you can imagine my elation and utmost surprise the moment the treasured Nintendo emblem appeared from behind the shreds of yellow wrapping. Mario64 , Mario kart , Goldeneye , these were the games that my small world revolved around for the next year or so. Countless of hours were spent playing in co-op with neighbour kids .

That is until the day I woke up from my hazy slumber and the activity of gaming did not inhere the same kind of entertainment that it used to. I eventually sold my nintendo and after a three /four year gap chanced on a bargain for an xbox. Hoping to rekindle the old passion I played Halo, Project gotham racing and several other games. It was never the same though and I played less and less till the black box became a mere centerpiece underneath my television. Now, when over at a friend's house I occasionally play the Wii . Games mean nothing now, they're a big pile of extravagant time litter. A quick insensible way to rush towards the grave.

Still , I do like to spend a 2 minute increment with games like the ones posted above by Jakob. Ping pong ,tetris, a simple as they are get you right into that mindset without the rigmarole of an elaborate plot , storyboard and impenetrable control systems.

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